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Free Speech Online - Blue Ribbon Campaign

The Mastersons Magical Marquee is, like most other pages of its kind, an 'unofficial' page. Those of us who create these pages in the wonderful grey copyright area called the Internet are not doing it for the money, we are doing it to help other people to enjoy these shows as much as we do. I refer you to a 'letter to the editor' from me to the Britcomedy Digest, for my opinion on the matter:

"Speaking as the creator of the Masterson's Magical Marquee, the "Unofficial" web page of the Masterson Inheritance, I couldn't agree more with your editorial. Does anyone know what the artists themselves think of the web pages that have been shut down? Have they even seen them? I have put up a page about the Masterson Inheritance because I love the show, and also because as it is a radio programme, a lot of people haven't heard of it. I doubt that the BBC would dedicate a page to the show - and I think that my page is informative and well-presented, and I take great pains to get my facts right! I am looking forward to the day when the BBC will get together with the people who are producing these pages - we aren't doing it for money, we are doing it as a labour of love.... I do sometimes wonder what would happen if the BBC heard about my page. Maybe they already have."