So who is this Steve Best then?

"One of the most original, inventive and physical comics on the circuit, Steve Bestís act defies description." - Newcastle Comedy Festival

Here is a brief defiance...

Steve Best... is immature, tells jokes, blows up a woman, cuts his hand off, plays the guitar like the devil, wears chunky shoes, eats balloons, farts like a trooper, troops like a farter, drills his teeth, blows up a man and wets his pants laughing. His act is full of wonderfully crafted one-liners, subtly blended with side-splitting visual routines and occasional pant jokes, to appeal to the immature side of our nature.

Jesters Comedy Club in Bristol interviewed Steve in early 1999 - click here to read it.
Recent history...
1997 - supported Frank Skinner, both emotionally and physically, on a 4 month tour culminating at Battersea Power Station in front of 5998 screaming fans (of Frankís), 2 of Steveís, including an inflatable.

1998 Edinburgh Festival - headlined the "Big Value Comedy" late show - sell-out.

1998/99 - headlined a nationwide university tour, with his own big poster.

Early 1999 - theatre tour with Craig Charles for 100 nights.

1999 Edinburgh Festival - "Steve Best... is Immature" - his first solo show at the Festival. Click here for some feedback.

Late 1999 - Over sixty dates touring with Craig Charles again

2000 - Lots and lots of comedy club type things, went to Hong Kong, came back again

Early 2001 - Touring universities

2001 -  a gig as part of the Brighton Festival in May and hopefully then the Edinburgh Festival in August again!

Other stuff...

Many, many many TV appearances on BBC, ITV, Carlton, Channel 4 and Channel 5.
Co-wrote Radio 4ís "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie".
Co-starred in Warner Brothers comedy video "Outrageously Pink".

Went to India to film a search for the Indian Rope Trick. Didnít find it.

Lost his mind and performed at the Glastonbury and Fleadh festivals.

Performed in Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italk, Greek islands, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Regular performer on the nationwide and London comedy club circuit.

Fluent in Serbo-Croat.

Very funny man.