The absolute best place to find out what Steve is doing is from his own website -

Steve performed his  first solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe 1999.
Here is some feedback - from the Edinburgh Fringe Noticeboard:
"I went to see 'Steve Best Is Immature' last night
I laughed so much my pants fell off...absolutely
fantastic you must go and see him..."
"Absolutely hysterical. I nearly wet myself, he was brilliant."

The Sunday Times 22-8-99:
"Running through bizarre visual gags, sleight-of-hand magic and pun-laced jokes, Best's enthusiastic puppy-dog humour invites comparison with Lee Evans and Norman Wisdom. Fortunately, his spoken material is stronger than either's."

And from Britcomedy Digest:
"Keep your minds open, bring spare trousers and have a brilliant time.
Steve Best is immature. Steve Best is best. "