Diner Prices

This information is correct as of the beginning of May 1998,
but is subject to change without notice,
so this page is intended as a guide only.

Hamburger - 100% Beef 5.60 Hamburger with Cheese 5.90
BLT 5.50 Falafel in Pitta 5.50
Grilled Chicken Satay 5.90 Nachos & Fries 3.50
Chocolate Brownies & Cream 2.00

Bar Prices

Draught 2.90 pint - Lager, bitter, cider

Bottles 3.00 - Stella Dry, Heineken Export, Labatts Ice
Rolling Rock, Murphys, Merrydown

Bottle of House Wine (Red or White) - 12.00

House Wine by the glass - 2.50


Pint of Draught or glass of wine 1.50 on Tuesday to Friday between 6.30 and 7.30

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