Richard Vranch in Mexico!
(Gilded Balloon Studio)

Reviewed by The High Priestess

I've been a follower of Whose Line and the Comedy Store Players for something like ten years now, so I know who this man is. Do you though? You probably think you do, but most of you don't. To most of you he will be a vague smile behind a piano, and I think an awful lot of people who come to this show will do so just to see that he can talk.

If you want lots of nob gags and big laughs, go to see him in the Impro Premier Crew. If you want to see him do something a bit more informative in his easy-going narrative style, see this. I have long been of the opinion that he is one of the most under-rated people in comedy, and it's wonderful to see him getting his name bigger on posters these days.

Yes, he does a couple of songs. However, the bulk of this is anecdotal (much remeniscent of Andy Smart's show last year), and makes for a charming little show. He takes us on a little virtual holiday, introducing us to his travelling companions (La Giganta and the Swiss Girl), the prevalence of plastic garden chairs in all walks of Mexican life, fun fiestas, tequila and bizarre bus passengers. And how to get lizards to fall out of sunshades (sorry, can't remember the Spanish word for it. Begins with P).

We learn enough Spanish to get by (not much you'll be glad to hear) and why socks are so important when shopping.

All in all a very endearing show - not laugh a minute but engaging and occasionally poignant.

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