I'm Vine Thanks/Tim Vine and the Minotaur
(Pleasance Over The Road II)

Reviewed by The High Priestess

Two half-hour shows in one sitting, hence the gestalt title. The first part is rapid-fire one liners with some incredibly cheesy songs - the title tune "I'm Vine Thanks" has a backing track strongly remeniscent of a Casio Keyboard demo track, which adds to the charm, and another tune - "I Used to Have a Box" is dull and he admits it, but he also predicts that we'll be singing it for days, and he's right.

The second part is a Greek Tragedy which could so easily have been one of those Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special set pieces. I mean that in a nice way. Cast of three, cardboard props and curtain costumes, asides to audience and all. Enough big laughs, giggles and groans for a good early evening show.

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