Stand Up Scotland
(The Stand II)

Reviewed by Grant

The Stand comedy club is Scotland's only 7 nights a week comedy venue and this is the showcase of new talent who have been performing there recently. First night nerves were apparent for 5 of the 6 acts, but didn't detract from a solid hour of laughs.

Graham Thomas opened with tales from the funny and surreal world in which he resides, where animals live equally with humans and sometimes gain the upper hand. The baton (in this case the mic) is passed on to Fin McArthur, a man bitter beyond his years. Through tales of prison and desertion by his wife, he manages to keep a wry smile.

It has been said against Teddy that he is an 'immature adult', but Teddy uses this as a strength. Teddy takes the trauma of teenage angst and creates a hilarious picture of a 'sad bastard' nineteen year old. Youngsters will empathise and those longer in the tooth will remember how it all happened to them too.

Keara Murphy's impressions show the different sides of the TV personalities you love to hate. You know Kirsty Wark probably swears like a trooper, but you are only going to hear it from Keara and laugh at it you will. The strange and funny death of Lorraine Kelly heralds the arrival of the fifth act, John Littlejon. John's dress sense will be loved in the big cities, but his differences make him stand out in his little home town. We are laughing with him, his neighbours are laughing at him.

Last up are seasoned pros Bill Dewar and Brian Hennigan, standing in for Rutherford and Merson who couldn't make their own show. Bill and Brian have their own show, "The Useless Guide to Scotland". I'm sure Rutherford and Merson will put in a quality performance in this fine value for money showcase.

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