The Stand Comedy Club - Late Night Show

Reviewed by The High Priestess

Well, no surprises here. It's a late night show at a comedy club. More regular locals than Fringe punters. Big no-messing compere, acts ranging from the confident to the not-so-experienced. Drunk hecklers.

Some of the acts were Scots as as most of their audience were local they'd be in broad accents that we Southerners had some difficulty understanding at times.

Lots of heckling and heckle-put downs - well, more of that than material, but it's an experience. Highlight of the show was someone whose name I didn't catch but was a camp Scots lad who did some wonderful impressions of 'divas' - for example Julie Andrews, Shirley Bassey, Cilla Black and such like as the Spice Girls of the 60's doing "Spice up Your Life". Wonderful powerful voice and some spot-on characterisations.

In short, if you go to comedy clubs regularly this is no different.

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