Two Fingers of Scotch
(Gilded Balloon II Wee Room)

Reviewed by The High Priestess

Bit of a word of warning on this one - I gave it three instead of two as a 'benefit of the doubt' thing. The audience was full of foriegn tourists and I personally have seen Suzanne Fraser get more laughs than this, so I presume the show would be much better to a Scot audience.

Two Scottish lassies - the aforementioned plus Janey Godley, give us a taste of Scottish humour with some straight stand-up from Janey, a bit of the same plus some characters from Suzanne. Some accent and colloquialism problems I think - Suzanne in particular seems to be surprised by the lack of reaction but carries on gamely.

Probably one for an audience as Scotch as the two fingers.

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