Impro Premier Crew
(Gilded Balloon Main Theatre)

Reviewed by The High Priestess

The artists formerly know as Steve Frost's Impro Allstars - I reviewed them last year and not much has changed. Still some of the best names from the impro scene and still good.

Impro always depends a lot on the quality of audience suggestions so come armed with something a bit more unusual than toilet or vibrator please. Some good suggestions this evening included ballet dancers in space, Greek Gods having a curry and 3 men in a camper van called Mary. Hopefully this should give you some ideas.

If you liked Whose Line then don't miss this one. Some of the best from that show entertain us with their witty minds and knobbly knees (shorts abound). And if you're thinking "I've never heard of Andy Smart" or "Richard Vranch just plays the piano" go along and be surprised.

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