Jane MacKay - Housewife and Marxist
(The Stand II)

Reviewed by Grant

This could be the most intelligent comedy you will find in Edinburgh this August, but don't worry, there is a little smattering of toilet humour for those who crave it.

Jane appears in her boudoir which has a broken lava lamp and a large amount of books on socialism and feminism. From her childhood upbringing in the Highlands of Scotland with a fear of Glasgow murderer Bible John, through university days when Marx and Engels were almost close friends to her current-day hatred of Tony Blair, Jane takes no prisoners on the comedy revolution trail.

The show examines the two halves of the title. Both political and domestic material is funny, but it is in danger of splitting an audience. With its close attention to stage set and performance, the show owes more to theatre than stand-up. This sets the show apart from others at the Fringe. It doesn't give the impression of someone who has walked in off the street as many other shows do.

It is a funny and lovingly put together show. An hour of wit from a woman who knows her politics and how to clean both her toilets.

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