Peter Buckley-Hill of the Earhole
(Comedy Cellar at the Soup Dragon)

Reviewed by The High Priestess

Firstly, this show is one of the few that is absolutely free to get in. Just turn up.

Secondly, it's nice and early in the evening so you can go before another show. I suggest you do.

Peter is a performer of songs - some long, some short, some witty, some plain silly. He says he is by day an Einstein tribute band - he looks and acts the part of the Mad Prof, and in this cosy little venue we are taken into his little world.

Songs of fish superheroes, birds (14 different kinds apparently), stoats and other small furry animals, love and his classic piece on foreplay and how long it lasts make this a nice light-hearted start to a comedy evening.

Five stars as this is the best value for money you can get - one of the best shows I have seen on the Fringe and cheaper than all of them.

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