Steve Best is Immature
(Pleasance Cavern)

Note from the Priestess - Before anyone accuses me of bias (I do Steve Best's website)
I asked our Guest Reviewer to do this one, and have put his review up without
any amendments - these are Grant's own words...

Reviewed by Grant

Steve Best is everything I hate about comedy. Fart jokes, knob gags, a guitar, props, puns, one-liners and a cheeky dispostition.

Steve Best is absolutely hilarious!

I knew what to expect before I went to see him as a friend had seen him already. He liked him, but told me I would not. The number of families in the audience also didn't bode well.

Immediately, when Steve came on and stuck the microphone in his eye, I couldn't help from laughing. From there, the corny one liners came fast and funny. I don't want to tell you all the stuff he does as it will spoil it for you. He plays guitar and... No, if I describe them here, they will not be presented with the endearing charm of Steve. You really have to see him for yourself.

With his shambling and buffoonish manner only the hardest of people would fail to warm to Steve. He is likeable and when he tells you that he was thrown out of dental school and various other organisations you wish that they had kept him as a member. This is the running joke which relates to the title of the show and everytime it comes around you can see it coming, but you can't help laughing.

It turned out to be quite refreshing to see families in the audience at a comedy show. Sometimes, it was the parents who were laughing more at the corny stuff. Other times it was the children laughing at the knob gags. Most importantly, all the family laughed together.

This style of comedy is difficult to do. Many have tried and failed, Steve does it very well. He is a breath of fresh air in comedy today and let's hope he long continues to be.

I will warn you though, don't have a drink before you see the show as I nearly wet myself and I'm sure you will too. Keep your minds open, bring spare trousers and have a brilliant time.

Steve Best is immature. Steve Best is best.

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