Allan Miller - Balinese Shadow Porn
(The Stand III)

Reviewed by Grant

I can't describe Allan Miller, he scares me. I worry about him, I worry that he will hurt himself. I worry that he is going to do some damage to himself during a show. It scares me that I will not be able to help him whilst he is doing damage to himself. I can't help, because I am laughing so much.

Allan is one part every comedian you have ever seen, from the cream of the crop to the scraping from the bottom of the barrel. When he does his stuff though, it is like it has 'never been done before'.

The slide show presentation does contain porn, tons of it.... honest, it does. Oh, truth is there is no porn, but you will laugh so much that you won't notice the lack of porn.

On his Kodak projector he goes through two carousels worth of slides much funnier that your neighbour shows you of his holiday. Allan really does bring a fresh spin to Jimmy Saville, Mr T, Five Star and all your other comedy icons from the 80's.

Foul and disgusting language abounds. Total filth runs from the man's mouth. If Edinburgh's Conservative councillors knew this was going on they would try and stop it because they don't like to see anyone having any fun.

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