Kushka's kittens - Litter 1

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Born the morning of Tuesday the 12th of May 1998.

The first (the brown one) I provisionally called Yoda because he/she looks like him - same flat ears and scrunched up face....

Here's a close-up of the same kitten.

Here's one of Yoda with two siblings (both white, one with little brown "horns" and one with bigger brown patches on the top of it's head) The one with horns is called Dax, I don't remember why, and the other is called Mo on account of the mohican haircut!

Feeding time.

The kittens are a little older in these pictures. Here is one of Yoda cuddled in Mum's very white fur!

This is of the "twins", Dax on the left and Mo on the right. As you can see, Dax has a little bit of conjunctivitis in one eye, but we have some cream from the vet which Dax has to have put in every six hours, but doesn't like it very much...

These following photos were taken at 3 and a half weeks old. As you can see, they are getting a bit more confident and taking their first steps out of the nest. Mum has moved them behind the music centre in the living room, hence all the wiring.

Yoda and Mo playing together.

Yoda gets a tickle from one of the humans of the household.

Rough and tumble games...

Yoda again - the easiest one to photograph as blinding white kittens tend to over-expose...!

Yoda discovers what toys are all about.

Yoda introducing Mo to the ball concept.

They are eating well and putting on weight, as you can see.

Investigating shiny stuff.

New Pictures!

Courtesy of our friend Peter...

Don't look!

Yoda wants to get into Advertising.

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