What do the words Steve and Best mean to you? Here are a few answers:

"One of the most original, inventive and physical comics
on the circuit,Steve Bestís act defies description.
One of the great clowns of our time" - Newcastle Comedy Festival

"In a class of his own"
The Times

"Visually stunning and brilliant comedian"
Time Out

"See him!"
The Guardian

"...one of the most inspired lunatics I have ever paid money to see"
Britcomedy Digest Edinburgh 98

"A 'toon in a manís body. He appeals to everyone because
everyone has, at some point in their lives, been five years old."
The High Priestess - Who's she?

"A child on the inside, a child on the outside"
Steveís mother Irene

"Stop clowning around, youíll stain the sink"
Steveís father Robert

His Edinburgh 99 show gets a mention on Stoneranger's website.

He also has a wife and some brothers. I donít know what they make of him.  
I've met one of the brothers,  Dan.  As mad as Steve is.
The wife is called Alex and is not as mad.

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