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"Pay What You Like"
School and Youth Theatre - Mining Company Website

'Pay What You Like'

featuring Ian Cognito with Ivor Dembina and Andy Pandini

Listen to this one. If you're weary of people whinging on about how commercial the Fringe has become, here are two comedians who put their money where their mouths are. And they have very big mouths indeed. Ian Cognito and Ivor Dembina are ditching expensive Edinburgh promotion, living in a tent and working within a show budget of eighty-seven pounds plus two tanks of petrol. They've not even paid to go in the fringe programme. They've dispensed with media packs full of favourably edited press quotes and scorned glossy posters emblazoned with boasts about minor television appearances. But, most important of all, they have dispensed entirely with the whole idea of a ticket price! At the end of each performance the audience is invited to decide how much it pays. For legal reasons, we cannot tell you the original title of their show but we can guarantee that they'll bring you the best value comedy on the Fringe. As Edinburgh's only remaining antidote to corporate comedy, they take the ultimate commercial comedy risk: YOU pay what you think they are worth. At last, an Edinburgh show that is genuinely 'priceless'.

Pleasance Below 20-23 August (inc.) at midnight.

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School and Youth Theatre - Mining Company Website

School and Youth Theatre at the Fringe is the subject of this week's (1st week in August) feature on the Mining Company's British Theatre site. It's a survey of all the school and youth theatre productions which will be appearing this year, by groups from the UK, the US and France.

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