Planet Ex - The Sitcom

C (Over-Seas House) - Venue 19

Sort of a cross between Men Behaving Badly and the Young Ones. There are three episodes - I rather perversely chose to go to the third one. It didn't matter - each episode is self-contained.

Take some stereotypes - including The Lad, The Woman, The Psycho Ex-Boyfriend, The Hippy, The Middle Class Mum, mix well and stand well back. A well-written piece, lots of nice gags and situations that are easy to relate to - a Mum who steadfastly stands by her son's gayness even though he isn't, the Lad unable to find his trousers, or his brain for that matter.

A nice light-hearted piece - perhaps the acting is a bit overdone in places, and perhaps some of the loose ends are tied up in a bit of a hasty way, but some good laughs nonetheless and a good start to the evening.

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