Late Night with the Cosmic Tambourines

Cafe Royal - Venue 47

I'd have loved to have given this one another star - they are lovely blokes and have been putting so much effort into this. The Scotsman gave them four - however, this wasn't quite my kind of thing.

It's very laddish - Paddy's songs are quite the filthiest I've ever heard - especially coming from such a rich tenor. Tom is young for a stand-up, 22 I'm told - the lack of experience shows, but should do well with a few more years behind him. The last of the threesome, Joe, does a bit of stand-up and a slideshow routine about some of the more ridiculous aspects of modern art.

The best act of the night is the "headliners", the Cosmic Tambourines. Some great send-ups of folk bands, their first song had me weeping with laughter, but mainly because I knew what it was before anyone else did. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that a lot of the songs are one-liners - they could have padded it out a bit more. Good Yoda impression though.

Basically, it's different and unusual, what the Fringe is all about, but there are quite a few slip-ups but giving the general impression of being a bit haphazard. A lot of the material is good but not the kind of thing you'd tell to your auntie the night after. Perhaps next year they'll have a tighter set.

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