André Vincent - See Me...Hear Me...Bite Me!

Pleasance Upstairs - Venue 33

I had heard rumours that this one had not sold very well so far, but the night of the 14th was full up and André certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. His style is provocative - jokes border on bad taste, with subject matter including Louise Woodward and Versace's last words, but as he says "You groan now, but you'll be telling it at work tomorrow". He takes the edge off his more tastless punchlines by quoting some of his more critical reviews... this, together with his chirpy and friendly style makes him a likeable act as long as you are not easily offended. His jokes are the kind of thing you hear at the pub - best heard with pint in hand. I particularly enjoyed the idea of the film spin-off "Titanic on Ice" - think about it.

He is particularly good against hecklers - we had a rowdy but amiable crowd of men from Aberdeen who felt the need to comment on every joke he said, usually in such a broad Scots accent no-one, especially André, could understand a word! He dealt with all of this with speedy, witty comments that were delivered in his light-hearted style - he is unflappable it seems. All in all, a fun evening out, and if you find that you have come out of an earlier show and still want to see some more comedy, then this would be a good end to a lads night out.

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